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Wedding invitations are the very first impression your guests will have about your Big Day.  There really is something about receiving a physical invitation by hand or in the mail that signifies that this is an important event.  These days, you could easily send-out an “e-vite,” over the internet, a convenient way to inform your friends and family about your upcoming celebration. But is convenience really what you’re going for?  This is your wedding day…The paper wedding invitation respects the magnitude of your very special day & communicates that this is a significant, even extraordinary, event, and not to be missed.

Visit our Reesha Weddings showroom and pick out invitations for your special day!

Reesha Weddings has a wide variety of invitations to offer.  You may be looking for an exciting claret floral design wrapped in a shiny red satin ribbon or a bright white invite bordered with silver lace.  Whatever theme you are trying to achieve on your special day we have a wedding invite to complement it.  Our modern showroom has been setup specifically for your convenience.  We’re here to answer all of your questions and help you pick out the perfect invitation.  No time to stop by?  Review our invitation catalog online with your significant other at your leisure.

Just a few invitations from our portfolio

2013 Invitation 1 2013 Invitation 2 2013 Invitation 3 2013 Invitation Fall Ensemble

Each of these wedding invitations offers something different & reveals a bit about the couple they were created for. And each one reflects that it is an invitation to a meaningful, bespoke event that was lovingly planned & nurtured until the day finally arrived.

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