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Fast Food Signage

The most difficult decision one has to make in a restaurant most of the time is what to order.  Whether going out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner we usually are either craving for something specific or we’re just looking to satisfy our hunger.  Many times we find ourselves driving down the road at night looking for a restaurant and when we finally find one that looks good, we run into a mile long menu with too many options to choose from.  If your customers are the adventurous type, then they’ll need something tasty, something new, something special!

Reesha Printing makes signs that are Special!

The outer and inner visual identity of any fast food joint relies heavily on the signage that it posts up.  Many times we see illuminated bells luring us into chalupas, or yellow arches shining and reminding us of quarter pounders with cheese.  It is the sign posted up on a street pole or on the wall above the entrance that first pulls a customer off the street.  If you are driving down Roosevelt Road in Lombard, IL let the Reesha-Installed Shawarma Express sign lure you in for a tasty Chicken Shawarma Sandwich.

Now as you pull into a drive thru or walk into your neighborhood fish and chicken spot, you want to see a menu board that is organized and appealing.  Next time you’re in Dekalb, IL, look for the Reesha-Installed Sea Captain menu board displaying everything from Sandwiches and Side Orders to Fish & Chicken Combos or Wing Dinners.  And lastly, if you’re the indecisive type, you must make a trip down to the Southside of Chicago to Tony’s Original Steak & Lemonade where you’ll find special after special with high quality signage, high quality food, and great prices.

Business Signs, Menu Boards, Banners and Sign Specials are a subset of the signage Reesha Printing & Signs has to Offer!

Shawarma Express 180x48 Sign

Sea Captain Menu Board

Tony's 24x18 food signs3

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